• Heartwell Park (map)
  • 5801 Parkcrest Street
  • Long Beach, CA, 90808
  • United States

A camp where students are invited to attend a week at Hogwarts, where they will transition from muggles (non-magical folk) to full-blown wizards. Each student will be stored into a Hogwarts house, and given a wand. Students will be taught the traditional methods of dueling with ancient spells (also known as "Defense Against the Dark Arts"), mind reading (Divination class), and Quidditch - a time honored traditition. Students will be invited to investigate, discover, and imagine the world of young Harry Potter as this camp dives headfirst into the books and movies throughout the week Ages 6-11. Register for course # 26924 at www.lbparks.org.

Price: $145

Phone: 562.570.3111

Email: lbparks@longbeach.gov

Website: www.lbparks.org